Carol Highsmith


Carol Highsmith spent the day photographing Hidden Wings.  This was no ordinary day, as Carol is no ordinary photographer.

There are three Americans who have devoted much of their lives to documenting critical periods in our country’s history.  These three constitute the largest archives of photos in the Library of Congress.  The first is Matthew Brady, documenting the Civil War.  The second, Dorothea Lange, capturing the Great Depression.  And Carol Highsmith, photographing the entire country at the end of the 20th century and beginning of the 21’st.  Her most recent book, California, was this summer.  One of her last stops was Hidden Wings.

Towards the end of her odyssey through our state, she stopped to photograph Hidden Wings, another “American original” in several wonderful venues: drumming amid the horse pastures of the Midland School, then Horseback Riding at the Santa Ynez Valley Therapeutic Riding Program.  She took over 5000 photos, just a few are represented here.  But all are on permanent record at the Library of Congress.

In so doing, future generations will view this period of our history  through Highsmith’s eyes, as they will see the unvarnished Civil War and Great Depression through the lense of Matthew Brady and Dorothea Lange (sp?).

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