A Distinct and Radiant Signal

‘A Distinct and Radiant Signal’

Mickey Hart leading the drum circle

Mickey Hart Leading Drum Circle “Hidden Wings is the cutting edge in focusing upon the gifts of autism, not the deficits….Everyone with autism has a distinct and radiant “signal”. An inner music, an inner life. I [work] with Hidden Wings …to bring out the gifts, the fire, passion and love of those with autism.”
– Mickey Hart, Grateful Dead drummer and pioneer in the use of drums as a healing activity

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Students Work with Master Drum Maker Remo Belli to Create (and Play) the Drums!

The man assembling the drum in the images below is Remo Belli, one of the most celebrated drum makers in the world. In these photos, he is assembling a drum especially made for Hidden Wings. Remo’s drums have been in use around the world for fifty years. From the Beatles to Michael Jackson, Remo’s drums continue to make music and ignite creativity.

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  • In 2012, Hidden Wings received its third annual award from The Rex Foundation. (Foundation of the Grateful Dead). This unsolicited award (titled The Bill Graham Memorial Award) is for organizations that assist children who have been marginalized or oppressed.